Millions Are Suffering from Homelessness, Domestic Violence, Crime, and Poverty…

The 1Life ROADMAP is the way out.

Our Mission

Empowering people to create a personal ROADMAP to Dream... Plan... and LIVE their most fulfilling life.


The 1Life ROADMAP provides tools and training in the 1Life CORE4: Vision, Finances, Relationships, and Wellness


Contribute to Social Impact While Investing in Your Future

With most non-profits, they are simply a charity that you give to. But the 1Life Contributor Club provides YOU with the ROADMAP to your most fulfilling life…

while supporting at-risk youth and adults emerging from hardship.

Create A ROADMAP to Your Most Fulfilling Life

Download a Revolutionary New Journal Designed to Help You Overcome Adversity and THRIVE! 

Create a Personalized ROADMAP to Dream... Plan.. and LIVE your most fulfilling life!

Get free access to the 1Life ROADMAP Journal - Intro Edition. You'll get access to our ADULT and STUDENT edition that includes dozens of exercises and worksheets to help you grow your VISION, FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, AND WELLNESS. You'll also get an invitation to the 1Life ROADMAP Network where you can access past trainings and connect with other 1Lifers!

Address: PO Box 1712, Portola, CA 

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Proceeds from the 1Life Contributor Club fund our outreach programs, but monthly supporters receive exclusive perks and coaching only available through the 1Life Contributor club.