1Life helps people create their own unique, personal ROADMAP to their most fulfilling life.

Born on the streets…

Will Little served more than a decade in prison for murder. He grew up in the roughest parts of Philadelphia and was surrounded by violence and poverty. Seeking significance in a troubled environment, Will started down a path that would eventually land him behind bars.


But since being released, Will has mentored thousands of young people who are facing similar circumstances to his childhood. He’s helping young people whose only outlet was drugs and violence to instead pursue their passions to create a fulfilling life.

Finding Purpose After a Destructive Path

Rhonda Smith found herself starting over after a history of destructive behaviors. She wanted to start living with intention but had no idea where to start. Since coming to her first 1Life ROADMAP Workshop, Rhonda has turned around her life and found her passion. She’s created a successful business helping others through challenging times and published a book about her experiences and learnings.

Finding Opportunity in the Land of the Free

Diego Corzo is considered a “Dreamer” meaning his family immigrated to America without proper documentation when he was a child. Unable to take advantage of common things like a drivers license and college financial aid, Diego was forced to find a way to fund his education as well as his ability to stay in the country.


After attending a 1Life event, Diego was introduced to the world of real estate and began his new career. In addition to becoming a successful agent, Diego has gone on to invest in multiple properties while also being an activist in the ongoing DACA-immigration movement.


“Buried in Debt with No Way Out to Becoming Debt Free”

Jessica Smith and her husband found herself in what seemed to be an insurmountable amount of debt. But after attending the 1Life Conference, Jessica switched gears and changed careers. She’s since started her own business and became debt free.

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