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The world needs a little “1Life-n” now MORE THAN EVER. Diversify yourself for post-COVID rebuilding of our world. Help us and those you serve or would like to serve create ROADMAP that will allow them to survive now and THRIVE as we all emerge!


Use the 1Life CORE4 tools; vision, finances, relationships, and wellness to teach others how to create their own personal ROADMAP to Dream, Plan and LIVE their best lives. 1Life intends to elevate MILLIONS and we NEED your HELP to do just that by becoming a Certified ROADMAP Guide.

Transform your worth in the market

Students who live in communities with high levels of poverty are 4x more likely to be chronically absent. Reasons for this include unstable housing, unreliable transportation, and a lack of access to health care. By 6th grade, chronic absence becomes a leading indicator that a student will drop out of high school.


Each year, approximately 20,000 youth will age out of the foster care system in the US.


One in 10 young adults ages 18-25  experience some form of homelessness unaccompanied by a parent or guardian over the course of a year. 33% had once been part of the foster care system.

(Voices of Youth Count)

Nearly 45% of children living in poverty are overweight or obese compared with 22% of children living in households with incomes 4x the poverty level.


The 1Life ROADMAP Experience is designed to help at-risk youth and adults emerging from hardship such as homelessness, domestic violence, crime, and poverty by giving them a ROADMAP to living their most fulfilled life. 

The program helps those that are just getting out in the world find a path that is RIGHT FOR THEM. It’s an interactive, engaging live event that focuses on giving the participants the real-life skills they need to be successful no matter the path they choose.

An Interactive, Engaging Event - The 1Life ROADMAP Experience is a unique, transformative experience for the participants that allows them to discover solutions by facilitating relevant, stimulating conversations between all the attendees.

A Unique Musical Experience - The 1Life ROADMAP Experience incorporates live music, spoken-word poetry, and student-led performances to create an exciting, dynamic atmosphere that gets the attendees out of their comfort zone and allows transformative breakthroughs.

Combining positive psychology with cutting-edge group dynamics

instead of focusing on problems or deficits, our unique approach helps the attendees identify and appreciate the best about themselves while allowing them to imagine what their ideal future might look like. Then we focus on helping them design a realistic plan and ROADMAP to get there.


The 1Life ROADMAP Experience gives the participants plenty of time to answer meaningful questions about themselves and the most effective way to create their ideal future.


The 1Life ROADMAP Experience focuses on helping the participants identify their unique strengths and helps them find a way to utilize them to create their ideal future.


The 1Life ROADMAP Experience helps to open the eyes of the participants and expand their possibilities of what they are capable of achieving in the future.

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Create a Personalized ROADMAP to Dream... Plan.. and LIVE your most fulfilling life!

Get free access to the 1Life ROADMAP Journal - Intro Edition. You'll get access to our ADULT and STUDENT edition that includes dozens of exercises and worksheets to help you grow your VISION, FINANCES, RELATIONSHIPS, AND WELLNESS. You'll also get an invitation to the 1Life ROADMAP Network where you can access past trainings and connect with other 1Lifers!


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